Our team

Iryna, owner and tour guide.

ira_carpathiansoutdoors“My name is Iryna. I’m 28. I was born in Carpathian region and have been spending much time in mountains since my childhood. I went in for active tourism 10 years ago, when entered local institute of tourism and hospitality industry. Since then it became a hobby of my entire life. I graduated in 2009 with master degree. I did my research work in “Orographic structure and landscape valuation of Ukrainian Carpathians”, spending 2 years investigating the region. The idea of combining my hobby with an actual job appeared 7 years ago and now I’m so excited to make it happen. I think you can fulfill yourself and be the best in your job only when you’re passion and devoted to what you do. It’s just amazing and so interesting to spend a lot of time outdoor, have chance to share the beauty of your native land with others, meeting interesting people from all over the world, people of different nationalities, cultures, religions, with different life experience and way of thinking. This all is the best of my job…best that could ever happen to me!!! And I’ll be more than glad to meet each of you here so you can experience this great filling together with our team". See you soon=)

Oleksandr, owner and tour guide.

oleksandr_carpathiansoutdoorsWas born in a small town Tlumach, Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 2004, after finishing secondary school, entered Precarpathian University, Institute of Tourism. Graduated in 2009 with master degree. “More than 10 years now I’m in active tourism. For me learning and investigating Ukrainian Carpathians became a hobby of the entire life. Probably for somebody the idea of hiking the mountains with a big backpack sounds like crazy, but for me – it’s a great pleasure, chance to leave the routine of a busy city life far behind, become a unity with the nature, get yourself trained physically and mentally. Every day scientific and technological progress changes our life philosophy and the way of arranging our rest time is changing with it. Most of our off we spend watching TV or by the computer. What about fresh air, forest, river, camping? I’m sure, each of you is looking for adventure and the spirit of romance, so get out of your sultry office or homeroom, take a vocation and go for it! And we’ll make sure your Carpathian trip will bring you 100% satisfaction.”