The Ukrainian Carpathians

The Carpathian Mountain System lies in the centre of Europe. The length of the Carpathian arch is 1500 km and it stretches across the territory of Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Hungary up to Serbia and Montenegro. The arch consists of three main parts: Western, Eastern, and Southern Carpathians. The highest summit of the Carpathians – the Gerlakhovski Shtit (2655 m.a.s.l.) – is in Tatras, on the territory of Slovak Republic.

The Ukrainian Carpathians lie in the northwestern part of the Eastern Carpathians. The total length of the ridge is 280 km the width fluctuates from 50 to 100 km, and total area together with foothill adjusted – the Precarpathia and Transcarpathia – comprises 37000 square kilometers. 

The Ukrainian Carpathians  are situated in the territory of four regions: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathia and Chernivtsi.
In comparison to the Carpathians stretching across other countries, Ukrainian Carpathians are sufficiently lower. They do not rich snow line and do not have any present-day glaciers. But the highest mountain in Ukraine is here, in the Ukrainian Carpathians – the Hoverla Mountain, which is 2061 meters high, and belongs to the Chornohora mountain range. 

The Carpathian Mountain System is a unique treasury not only for Europe, but also on the global level. Alongside with the Alps and the Balkan Mountains, the Carpathians are characterized by rich biodiversity, powerful potential of natural resources, high level of wild life conservation, and unique cultural heritage. A    rich   variety   of   natural    and anthropogenic landscapes is represented here: from hilly mosaic landscape of foothill with its blossoming gardens and vineyards, up to high alpine meadows. 

Hiking in Ukrainian Carpathians

The best and the most popular places for tourists are mountain ranges Chornohora, Svydovets and Gorgany; mountain lakes Synevyr, Nesamovyte, Brebeneskul; waterfalls Maniavskyi, Bukhtivetskyi, Probyi, ets. HERE you can find many interesting trails and hiking trips.

Climate conditions: mild winter (average temperature is -5C*) and warm summer (average temperature is +18C*) are favorable for the year-round recreation and medical treatment.
More than half of the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians is covered with forests, among which the vastest areas of European primeval forests can be found. These virgin forests are of the greatest value for the continent, and shelter a great number of animal and plant species. A huge network of rivers and streams (the biggest are: Dnister, Prut, Cheremosh, Tysa, Bystrytsia, etc ),  great number of glacier lakes (Brebeneskul, Nesamovyte, Hershaska, etc) are very important  for the nature, people and recreation.                                          

The Ukrainian Carpathians are a pearl of our country and we invite you to try this beauty with us.