Plan your vacation 2017!

The schedule for our rafting and hiking tours 2017 is already updated. Now it is easy to pick the most interesting and exciting destination, which will completely meet your requests. We offer best active trips of different durations and difficulty levels. Special offer - our combi tours and custom trips for you and your friends or family. 

7 reasons why travelling with our team:

  1. Professional and knowledgeable guides. Our managers and guides are well experienced and qualified. As most of our tourists are newcomers, we are doing our best to provide maximum information on every stage of preparing for the trip, giving advices according clothes and equipment needed, helping during the hike with setting tents, packing backpacks, feeding tasty,  taking the responsibility for the tourists’ safety on the track.  
  2. All is included in the tour price: guide service, all meals and snacks, transfer, entrance fees for national parks, insurance. That makes your rest more comfortable, as you don’t have to worry about any financial issues during your trip.
  3. Experience the region. Our team will provide you a possibility to explore the region of the trip, as backpacking is the best way to find out more about the place of travelling and its local people.
  4. We always have a special offer for you, which will meet all your expects. That might be a private tour, where you can pick the date and the route of your trip.
  5. We offer equipment rental. Booking your holiday with us, you’ll get a qualified consultation on the sport equipment needed and a possibility to book its rental beforehand. All equipment we bring to the meeting point the first day of travelling, what is very comfortable for our tourists.
  6. Reasonable prices and flexible discount system. Our company offers reasonable prices for all tours. Besides, very often you can get a considerable discount, being our regular customer, a student, person under 18 or over 60 etc.
  7. Small groups. For your convenience, we set small tourist groups (10-15 people). This way our guide can take care of the group members on a track and provide their safety rest. Our bigger groups are usually accompanied by 2 or 3 guides.

We welcome you to spend your holiday in Ukraine with Carpathians Outdoors and you'll defenitely remaine satisfied!

Sincerely Yours, Carpathians Outdoors team:)