Hiking menu

If hikers have anything in common, it is the appreciation of a good meal. Right selection of food, taken in a journey, is very important in preparing for a few-days hike. And it’s no wonder, as regular and healthy food here is a good source of energy, needed on the trail, positive spirit and, the most important – guaranty of a great time, spent outdoor. Our menu can range depending on how long is the hike. On day hikes we offer lunch and snacks. Examples of good foods on short trips include sandwiches, cheese, meat, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate and energy bars.  For overnight hikes in addition to the lunch and snacks we provide breakfast and dinner. During the trip we cook our food on the fire or using the tourist stove.

Our hiking menu:

Breakfast (at 8:00). Our breakfast must provide a good source of energy. We eat cereals, oatmeal, wheat porridge or rice with dried milk, sugar and dried fruits. After the main course we have also tea and crackers. 

Lunch (at 1 pm). Our midday meal should require no preparation or cooking. Usually we have tasty sandwiches with salami, cheese, eggs, canned fish, beans and meat, paste and different sauses.

Dinner (at 7 pm). Dinner is the biggest meal, the most filling, and usually the tastiest. There are few main choices of food for an evening meal: meat and vegetable soups, pasta with canned fish or meat, buckwheat porridge or rice with meat. If you like, you can also add some other products to your dinner menu: bread, ketchup, garlic, onion and others. After dinner we usually enjoy a cup of hot tea and crackers.

Snacks. We need to eat also small amounts of food throughout the day to keep our energy and blood sugar up. Chocolate, dried fruits, nuts and different energy bars are the most delicious treats for hikers.

Local food. During our hike you can enjoy local products such as berries and mushrooms. Also it might be interesting for you to buy milk and traditional cheeses from locals. 

Alcohol. It’s not allowed to drink alcohol on the trail! However it is not strictly prohibited, in the evening. After long day hiking you can relax and enjoy our dinner with a glass of wine or any other drink you’ll get with you on your trip.