Rafting safety rules


Dnister river rafting does not belong to the extreme type of recreation activities but it still requires adhering to basic safety precautions:

  • Always pay attention when your tour guide gives you some recommendations. Stay with your group, don't split up and take different trails while getting rest in the campsite. Do not create dangerous situations on the river.
  • Swimming and diving while rafting are prohibited! During the trip we’ll make many short brakes in safe places to swim and to have water fun. Also it’s not allowed to go swimming alone.
  • ALWAYS wear a life jacket! Also do not get in the water without having your shoes on. Sometimes you can find sharp rocks on the river bottom which can cut your feet. Always inform your guides if: you feel not good or got injured, you need extra stop for the rest, etc.
  • To avoid sunstroke and sunburn in hot and sunny days try to wear lightweight hats, sunglasses and use sun block.
  • Drinking alcohol on the river is not permitted; it will not only endanger you, but also be a risk to other rafters. However it is not strictly prohibited. In the evening you can relax and enjoy our dinner with a glass of wine or any other drink. Dear smokers, please try to smoke away from others.
  • Leave local plants and animals alone. Do not break trees. Leave everything as you found it. Take your trash with you.
  • Travellers must respect the local people, culture and environment they are visiting.
  • Usually there are no special toilet facilities along the trails. Try to choose the toilet place at least 200 feet from any open water and your campsite.
  • Don’t eat berries or mushrooms you find, even if they look familiar. There is only one poisonous snake in the region – it’s “Vipera berus” – will never attack first. You’ll just have to be careful and watch your steps.  Even if you meet a snake – don’t panic slowly without noise step back and you’ll not get in trouble.
  • In case of any kind of emergency (bad weather, serious health problems etc.) for group safety our guide has a right to slightly change the itinerary or decide to stay in a campsite for the day.