Hiking trip "Wild Gorgans" review

Many thanks to the Carpathians Outdoors for making this fascinating trip possible!
In the last two years, I have been to the Polish and Slovakian side of the Tartra for hiking and skiing. Still, I am pleasantly surprised that the Carpathian mountain at Ukrainian side is so unexplored and natural!

The hiking was hard, but the experience was so precious that I am thinking about a coming back after half year! My teammates and our guide were super friendly. I was the only foreigner in the team and always lagged behind, but there was always the warmth and friendliness around to feel like home! Another benefit in joining this club is that everyone spoke English! When I hurt my ankle, Alexander shared his medicine with me and helped to put bandage. Jana taught me a lot of Ukrainian words for everyday life.

I can go on with a lot more nice and touching moments. Here I learned to cut trees, chop woods and even ate famous Ukrainian food Salo. Secretly, my knowledge about the country and about Ukrainian people grew in the mountain hiking days. More unexpectedly, two weeks after, a teammate wrote and told me to join a chatting group in Viber created for this trip:) A lot of thanks and see you soon again!

Kind regards,