Wild Gorgans

Trip duration:
6 days/5 nights
70 km (43.5 miles)
Level of Difficulty:
Available dates:

This hiking trip will take us into one of the most stunning and wildest areas in Ukrainian Carpathians – Gorgany Mountains. Hiking in this region awards us with spectacular views, picturesque trails, old wild forests and rapid mountain rivers. We’ll ascend the stony summits, higher than 1500 meters, will get to see the cleanest river in Europe – Limnytsia, and learn the history, culture and traditions of the locals.

Day 1


In the morning, you will meet your guides and the rest of the group at the railway station (main entrance) in Ivano-Frankivsk. There we will get a bus shuttle to the starting point of the hiking tour Osmoloda village. Our adventure begins here.  Today we head up to our campsite, which is in the beautiful Plisce alpine meadow.

Walking time – 3-4 hrs.

Day 2

«Mount Grofa»

This morning we ascend the summit of Grofa Mount 1748m. For many hikers this summit is the most favorite viewpoint. In a good weather, you can spend hours, enjoying deep blue sky and panoramic mountain views. From the summit, we will hike down to the foot of the mountain where the group stops for the lunch break.  If you also would like, we can make a short hike up to the summit of Kin’ Grofetskyi Mount 1552m, which is the best place to see a breathtaking view of Grofa Mount and its stony slopes. From the summit, we are descending to Osmoloda village and stopping nearby for the night. On the way to the village, we’ll learn a little bit about local people “boiky”, their culture and traditions. The second day of our trip will give us a good training, so now we are definitely ready to hike the most exciting part of Wild Gorgany trail.

Walking time – 6-7 hrs.

Day 3

«Mysterious Matahiv»

This morning we continue to explore the Gorgans area, visiting the cleanest river in Europe – Limnytsia, hiking through old pine forest on the Matahiv pass and ascending Vysoka and Ihrovets mountains, which are more than 1800m height. The Ihrovets summit has interesting geological form. It looks like a big field, covered with stones. That’s a good place for panoramic photography. From here, our path continues down to the next campsite – Borevka valley, where we will stop for the night.

Walking time – 7-8 hrs.

Day 4

«Syvula Mountain»

The fourth day is the most spectacular day of the trek. As we hike over the Syvula mountain range, we're watching breathtaking views and enjoying our Carpathian adventure. Our trail ascends the highest summits in this region – Syvula Velyka 1836m and Syvula Mala 1818m. These mountains are beautiful, they remind huge pyramids, covered with big stones. In addition, this area is a place full of memories, on our way we’ll pass by the old soldier’s trenches which were made during the First World War. Our next stop is polonyna (alpine meadow) Rushchyna, where we will spend the night.

Walking time – 6-7 hrs.

Day 5

«The lost border»

After breakfast, we leave campsite and going to the very interesting place – Peklo rock, which has mysterious meaning for locals. Today we will travel south to Vododilnyi mountain range, where the trail follows an old border. Before II World War, this territory was owned by Poland and Czechoslovakia. Our team follows the trail up to the top of Tavpishyrka mountain range. During the hike, we'll be able to enjoy the expansive views of the surrounding summits and ranges. From Tavpishyrka, our path leads down to the Legions’ mountain pass. Here, in 1914 going over the Carpathians, polish legions made the Cross about 8 meters high, as a symbol of independence. On the memorial desk, you can see patriotic poem that was written by young legionnaire. The last night we can spend nearby the pass or descent a little bit down to the river valley, where we can also set up the camp.

Walking time – 6-7 hrs.

Day 6


On the last day of our journey, the group will hike 10km to Bystrytsya village, which is situated in the lovely mountain valley. For many travelers this village became the favorite hiking spot. From here the transfer takes us back to Ivano-Frankivsk and we will say bye to each other, you will continue your trip home or to the next destination.

Walking time – 3-4 hrs.

Arriving time to Ivano-Frankivsk – 6 pm.

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* If you like this itinerary, but can’t find it in the tour schedule or you would like to join this trip on another date, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange this tour at your most convenient time.

Please note! In case of any kind of emergency (bad weather, serious health problems etc.) for group safety our guide has a right to slightly change the itinerary or decide to stay in a campsite for the day. 

The tour price includes:

  • All meals and snacks;
  • Transportation from Ivano-Frankivsk to the mountains and back;
  • Guide service;
  • Entrance fees for national parks;
  • Cooking equipment;
  • Insurance.

The tour price does not include: 

  • Equipment rental;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, hotels and restaurants service, saunas etc.);
  • Gratuity for your guide.

Please, make your reservation not later, than 3 days before the trip starts!

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