Marmarosh mountains

Trip duration:
6 days/5 nights
55 km (34.2 miles)
Level of Difficulty:
Available dates:

Marmarosh mountain range - one of the most stunning areas in Ukrainian Carpathians. The locals call it Hutcul Alps. High summits, steep slopes, glacial valleys – that’s the highlights you will meet on this trail.  

Day 1


In the morning you will meet your guides and the rest of the group at the railway station (main entrance) in Ivano-Frankivsk. There we will get a bus shuttle to the starting point of the hiking tour - mountain village Dilove. This place is considered to be the geographical center of Europe. Our trail runs along the state border, between Ukraine and Romania. To travel in this area we need to get special permission. Before we start the hike we need to register our group with border security service. It's required to have ID (Passport) with you! Only after registration we can start our trip. The trail runs along the mountain river Bilyi and leads to the campsite where we’ll spend the first night.

Walking time - 2 hrs.

Day 2

«Lysycha Alpine Meadow»

Our trail leads up to Lysycha alpine meadow, where we will camp tonight. The scenery here is truly breathtaking. Before the sunset, we'll get a chance to make a short hike up to the summit of Berlebashka Mount 1733 m.  From its summit we can enjoy our first, truly wonderful mountain view and take just great panoramic pictures. In the evening we spend time sitting around the fireplace, enjoying delicious dinner and friendly atmosphere.

Walking time - 6 hrs.

Day 3

«Mt. Pip Ivan Marmaroskyi»

Today our spectacular journey begins with hike up to the summit of Mt. Pip Ivan Marmaroskyi 1938m for outstanding views of Ukrainian and Romanian Carpathians. Here the landscape looks almost the same like Alps: steep slopes, deep glacial valleys and high peaks. That’s why the locals call this mountain range Hutcul Alps. After lunch we will continue trekking from the summit to our next campsite which is located on Maslokrut alpine meadow.

Walking time - 8 hrs.

Day 4

«Three Summits »

After breakfast, we head out for the exploration of the wild Carpathian region, covered by green mountain forest. From the camp the trail leads us along the state border between Ukraine and Romania. During the first half of the day our team will ascend Mount Mezhypotoky 1713m and Mount Mika-Mare 1815m. Our next destination is Mount Stih 1650m, which has its own history. Before Second World War this mount was situated on the border of three countries (Romania, Czechoslovakia & Poland). Today Mount Stih divides three great mountain ranges and it’s just a perfect place to make a short brake and enjoy breathtaking scenery. After long day hiking we get to the picturesque alpine meadow. Here we set up the camp for tonight.

Walking time - 7 hrs.

Day 5

«Mt. Pip Ivan Chornogirskyi»

Today we hike up to the summit of Pip Ivan Chornogirskyi Mount 2022 m. It is considered to be a second the most popular in Ukrainian Carpathians, after Hoverla of course. Tourists from all over are coming here to see the main attraction - an old building of meteorological observatory “White Elephant”, which is the highest situated building in Ukraine. The construction of the observatory was finished in 1938. But unfortunately it valuably functioned only one year. You will find out some very interesting facts from the history of its building and functioning. From Pip Ivan we’re going to another exotic place – Big-Ear Rock. The entire range is covered with huge rocks, reminding ears. Our path leads down to the cascade of lovely waterfalls and gets to a beautiful Smotrych alpine meadow, where we’ll stay for the last night.

Walking time – 8 hrs.

Day 6


Today we will say goodbye to Carpathians and leave on a track to a lovely little village Dzembronia. On the way we’ll visit kolyba (typical Carpathian shepherd's hut). During the summer months when the cows, sheep and horses are in the alpine meadow, the shepherds live here. They make open fireplace in kolyba and the fire is kindled right in the middle of the floor, with smoke escaping through the hole in the roof. Shepherds use a big cauldron for cooking, boiling milk and making traditional cheese: brynza, vurda and budz. After visiting kolyba and cheese tasting, our trail descends to the village Dzembronia where we’ll take a shuttle bus back to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Walking time – 2 hrs.

Arriving time to Ivano-Frankivsk – 6 pm.

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* If you like this itinerary, but can’t find it in the tour schedule or you would like to join this trip on another date, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange this tour at your most convenient time.

Our trail runs along the state border, between Ukraine and Romania. That's why it's required to have ID (Passport) with you! Otherwise we’ll not get special permission to hike in this area. 

Please note! In case of any kind of emergency (bad weather, serious health problems etc.) for group safety our guide has a right to slightly change the itinerary or decide to stay in a campsite for the day. 

The tour price includes:

  • All meals and snacks;
  • Transportation from Ivano-Frankivsk to the mountains and back;
  • Guide service;
  • Entrance fees for national parks;
  • Cooking equipment;
  • Insurance.

The tour price does not include: 

  • Equipment rental;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, hotels and restaurants service, saunas etc.);
  • Gratuity for your guide.

Please, make your reservation for this tour not later, than 11 days before the trip starts!

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