Petros & Hoverla Trail

Trip duration:
4 days/3 nights
32 km (19.9 miles)
Level of Difficulty:
Available dates:

Petros & Hoverla Trail – that’s a classic Carpathian hike. This trip is for people who want to visit Carpathian highlands but don't have enough time available. Enjoy your weekend break hiking Chornohora mountain range, ascending the highest summit of Ukraine and visiting one of the highest cascading waterfalls in Ukrainian Carpathians. This trail offers fantastic hike and unforgettable mountain scenery.

Day 1

«Kvasy village»

In the morning you will meet your guides and the rest of the group at the railway station (main entrance) in Ivano-Frankivsk. There we will get a shuttle bus to the starting point of our hike Kvasy village, which is famous for its mineral waters. Our trail follows an old mountain road through the picturesque beech forests and leads to the Menchul alpine meadow. Here we’ll make a stop for the camp.

Walking time – 3 hrs.

Day 2

«Petros Mount»

From our campsite we’re taking the path to the summit of the Mount Petros 2020 m. You’ll get a great pleasure viewing surrounding landscapes from the Petros peak. You can see the entire Chornohora mountain range with its highest summit Hoverla to the northeast and Romanian Carpathians to the south. After, getting rest our team descends into the mountain valley of Holovcheska at the foot of Mount Petros. Here the group spends the second night.

Walking time – 8 hrs.

Day 3

«Hoverla Mount»

The 3d day is the most spectacular day of the trek. About 3 hours hike and we get to the summit of the highest mount in Ukrainian Carpathians – Hoverla 2061m. In clear weather the views here are amazing and can reach up to hundreds kilometers. By the way, the name Hoverla from Hungarian means “snow peak”, as you could see a snow on its slopes almost the whole year round. From the summit our group gets down to the old glacial valley where the Prut River creates the cascading falls. Their general height riches up to 80 miters. Nearby we’ll spend our last night.

Walking time – 5-6 hrs.

Day 4


From our campsite we’re heading down to the training and sport base Zarosliak, which is situated in the foot of Hoverla Mount. This place has long been the most popular to start a hiking trail to the summit of Hoverla Mount. In Zarosliak we'll have enough time to walk around and buy nice local souvenirs. Then the shuttle bus will take us back to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Walking time – 2 hrs.

Arriving time to Ivano-Frankivsk – 6 pm.

* If you like this itinerary, but can’t find it in the tour schedule or you would like to join this trip on another date, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange this tour at your most convenient time.

Please note! In case of any kind of emergency (bad weather, serious health problems etc.) for group safety our guide has a right to slightly change the itinerary or decide to stay in a campsite for the day. 

The tour price includes:

  • All meals and snacks;
  • Transportation from Ivano-Frankivsk to the mountains and back;
  • Guide service;
  • Entrance fees for national parks;
  • Cooking equipment;
  • Insurance.

The tour price does not include: 

  • Equipment rental;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, hotels and restaurants service, saunas etc.);
  • Gratuity for your guide.

Please, make your reservation not later, than 3 days before the trip starts!

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