Trip duration
6 days / 5 nights
90 km
120 $
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Combi tour – hiking and rafting. During 6 days we’ll visit the most popular tourist attractions of the Carpathian region. Hoverla Mountain and Dnister canyon are in the list of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine. It means that the trip will be amazing and very interesting. After ascending the highest Ukrainian mountain you’ll enjoy spectacular river rafting.

Day 1Nesamovyte Lake

In the morning you will meet your guides and the rest of your group at the railway station (main entrance) in Ivano-Frankivsk. There we will get a shuttle bus to the starting point of our hike – tourist base Zarosliak. Our trail leads us through the old pine forest to the alpine zone. We'll enjoy spectacular views of Chornohora mountain range and surrounding mountains as we hike from Zarosliak to Nesamovyte lake where we’ll stop for the night.

Day 2Hoverla. View Carpathians from their highest point

From the lake we start on the central range of Chornohora. Now it is an administrative border between Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions, previously – state border between Poland and Czechoslovakia. About 4 hours walk and we get to the summit of the highest mount in Ukrainian Carpathians Hoverla (2061 m). In clear weather the views here are spectacular and can reach up to 100 km. By the way, the name Hoverla from Hungarian means “snow peak”, as you could see a snow on its slopes almost the whole year round. From the summit our group gets down to the headwaters of the river Prut, where it creates a huge cascade of lovely waterfalls. Its general hight riches up to 80 miters. Nearby we’ll spend our second night.

Day 3From Hoverla to Dnister

After the breakfast we’re heading down to the tourist base Zarosliak, situated in the foot of Hoverla Mount. After that we’ll get a shuttle that takes us to the Dnister River (Nyzhniv village). Driving time is about 4 hours. Here on the river bank we get all the necessary rafting equipment ready, the group is having some safety trainings and after we head off down the Dnister River. First stop – Odaiv village. Here we’ll stay for the night.

Day 4Odaiv landscapes

We start the day with a short walk to the top of Odaiv canyon. This is an incredibly picturesque place to observe the beauty of the river valley. The tourists will have few minutes here to get rest, take some pictures, and just enjoy the nature. We could be also lucky to see the hang-gliders, gliding above the canyon. On the way back the group will visit an old cave, where the hermit monk used to live. It’s hidden in a thick forest of the canyon. Finally we take off. Our next target – Kosmyryn village, where will camp tonight. The entertaining program stays the same – warm sun, nice water, swimming and full relaxation.

Day 5Dnister meanders

After the breakfast we break the camp and load the boat. Ahead – a wonderful day, exploring the nature of the Dnister Canyon. We float down the river, passing through unique river meanders (large bends). That means we’ll constantly enjoy different landscapes of the canyon such as red sandstones which were formed during the Devon period (about 300-400 million years ago), travertine rocks and green Dnister forest, that reminds impassable jungles. The ending point for today is Vozyliv village, where our group will visit cascading waterfall. On the river bank we stop for the night.

Day 6Divochi sliozy waterfall

Our day begins with the morning light turning the canyon walls in the colors of sunrise. Today we spend a few hours on the water, stopping for a great hike in Isakiv village. During the lunch break we’ll visit amazing travertine rock and Divochi sliozy waterfall (girl’s tears in local). There is also another interesting place to see – hermit's cave, long time ago the old monk used to live here. From Isakiv we float the last few kilometers to the ending point of our rafting adventure – Nezvysko village. We leave this amazing world of Dnister Canyon and get the shuttle ride back to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Arriving time to Ivano-Frankivsk – 6 pm.

* If you like this itinerary, but can’t find it in the tour schedule or you would like to join this trip on another date, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange this tour at your most convenient time.