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1 day
7 km
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Yaremche city is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Carpathian region. It’s just a perfect place to spend an excursion day in the heart of Ukrainian Carpathians.  On our trip, we’ll visit the most interesting tourist attractions of Yaremche: picturesque Dovbush hiking trail, amazing Probiy waterfall, hutcul souvenir market, barefoot Bear path, horse riding and Carpathians in miniature Museum. In addition, you will get a chance to explore the beauty of wild Carpathians travelling 4x4 off roads.

Detailed itinerary

At 7 am you will meet your guides and the rest of your group at the railway station (main entrance) in Ivano-Frankivsk. There we will get a shuttle bus to Yaremche city. We start our trip by hiking 4 km Dovbush trail, which offers breathtaking scenery and huge rocks watching. Our next stop – one of the most powerful and picturesque Carpathian waterfalls Probiy. It is 8 meters high cascading waterfall, located on the River Prut.  Not far from the waterfall lies a well-known hutcul souvenir market.

After, we’ll get a unique experience – hiking the “Bear path” shoeless in the forest. You walk 1km barefoot on the ground of the forest but also on various materials such as sand, gravels, stones, wood, and barks. Here, we’ll also visit an outdoor aviary with wild Carpathian animals.

Another exciting activity on our trip – horse riding to Zhonka waterfall and Carpathians in miniature Museum visiting.

Our trip continuous and we have a transfer to the village Mykulychyn. Here starts our 4x4 Off road adventure. Over 3 hours you get to sample the varied beauty of mountains, alpine meadows and fantastic Carpathian wilderness. At the end of our trip, we recommend to visit a local brewery where you can taste and buy most popular Hutculs sorts of beer. After, the transfer takes us back to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Arriving time to Ivano-Frankivsk – 9 pm.


The tour price includes: meal (sandwiches, chocolate and fruits); guide service; museums and national parks fees; 4x4 off road.
The tour price does not include: transfer; horse riding (about 300 hrn/12$); personal expenses (souvenirs, hotels and restaurants service, local brewery etc.); gratuity for your guide.

* If you like this itinerary, but can’t find it in the tour schedule or you would like to join this trip on another date, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange this tour at your most convenient time.

Tour details

The tour price includes:
  • All meals and snacks;
  • Guide service;
  • Entrance fees for national parks;
  • Cooking equipment;
  • Group first aid kit.
The tour price does not include:
  • Transfer (from/to Ivano-Frankivsk - about 15-25$);
  • Equipment rental;
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, hotels and restaurants service, saunas etc.);
  • Gratuity for your guide.


Booking term

Please, make your reservation not later, than 3 days before the trip starts.


Method of payment

To guarantee your booking, we kindly ask to send us prepayment by bank transfer or Western Union service. Required deposit amount is 30% from the tour price. The rest of the amount you will pay in cash at the meeting point before we start our trip. We accept Ukrainian currency (hryvnia), US dollars and Euros. Before our trip starts, we will send you all payment details. After making a prepayment, please send us a scan/photo copy of the deposit slip.
Your prepayment is non-refundable. If you cancel your reservation no later, than 10 days before the tour starts, you can switch it for another tour or date.
If a prepaid reservation is cancelled by us (due to the small number of tourists or bad weather conditions), the deposit will be refunded in full.


  • kids under 10 years – 20% off
  • teenagers 11-18 years old – 10% off
  • students – 5% off
  • people over 60 – 10% off
  • group reservation for 4-6 people – 5% off
  • group reservation for more than 7 people – 10% off

* Only one discount can be used per booking. Discount does not apply to equipment rental. Please, make sure to have your ID (passport), student card, or any other document, that can confirm your age or status.


Please note!

In case of any kind of emergency (bad weather, serious health problems etc.) for group safety our guide has a right to slightly change the itinerary or decide to stay in a campsite for the day.


Age requirements

Minimum age for tourist is 18 years. People under 18 can also go hiking but they must be accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian. 


Minimum group size

Minimum number of tourists in a group should be 5 (or 7 for one day tour). The trip can be arranged for a smaller group as well. In this case, the group will pay total price like for 5 people (or 7 for one day tour).


Getting off the trail, earlier than planned

If for any reason you’ll have to get off the trail before the trip finishes, you will be charged for the days you were travelling with the group plus 1 day to compensate all the expanses for organization: food, guide service etc. Also, unplanned return transfer is not included in the price of the tour.
We count each new day in the morning (from 7am).
If you want to get off the trail on one-day trip, in that case the payment for the tour is non-refundable.

What to take on a trip

Deciding what type of outdoor gear you need can be a hard task to take up. The most important rule is to take on your trip only essential items, which are truly necessary. You can travel more quickly and cover greater distances with a lightweight backpack. Of course, the equipment you need to carry will vary according to the type of outdoor trip, you planned (hiking, rafting, combitour). Here is a sample-packing list to help you remember what things you might bring with you on your 1-day adventure.

Required Gear checklist:
  • Backpack (30-35L);
  • Trekking footwear;
  • Clothes: wind jacket, lightweight comfortable pants (avoid jeans or any cotton pants), T-shirt, shorts, hat, pullover, socks. Dressing for a winter hike: long underwear, warm fleece pullover, pair of wool socks, gloves, face mask/balaclava, waterproof and windproof jacket and pants.
  • Rain cover (poncho);
  • Personal First aid kit;
  • Personal gear: sunscreen, lip balm, hygienic wipes.
  • Water bottle 1-2L;
  • Kitchen set, knife;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Electronics (mobile phone, camera, watch, Powerbank charger);
  • Documents;
  • Money (cash);
  • Additionally: trekking poles, gaiters, sitting mat, thermos.

For colder or rainy weather, it’s good to have additional set of changing clothes. Bring with you: t-shirts, sweater, lightweight pants, socks, underwear and extra shoes (sandals or sneakers).