10 Tips for successful Outdoor travelling

Hiking into the wilderness with a pack on your back is an empowering experience. 10 tips for successful outdoor travelling provide information about how to get ready for adventure trip. We hope these recommendations will be very useful, especially for beginners.


1. Get ready physically and mentally for your trip!
Know your body’s abilities and physical limitations; choose an appropriate hike.

2. Choose the right partner for a big trip!
The one of your age, similar physical capabilities, the person, you can always lie on. 

3. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back!
So in case of emergency they know what to do and where to look for you! Exchange all necessary contact information. 

4. Go prepared for the worst possible conditions you can expect in your area of travel!
Always carry extra clothes for changing weather: rain jacket, windbreaker, extra socks, or more in colder conditions. 

5. Take on your trip only essential items which are truly necessary!
You can travel more quickly and cover greater distances with a lightweight backpack! 

6. Avoid huffing and puffing! If you can talk comfortably while walking, you’re hiking at the perfect speed.
Give yourself a break! Take a ten minute break at least once in an hour. Use this time to enjoy your surroundings. 

7. Make sure your boots fit properly and are broken in! 
Take blister treatment along just in case your boots rub. 

8. For outdoor travelling it’s better to have synthetic clothes, not cotton.
Travel in one set of clothes and keep a dry change of baselayers for camp!

9. Eat and drink methodically! Drink frequently and eat often.
Eat before you get hungry and drink before you become thirsty. 

10. Wrap five feet of duct tape around a trekking pole or pencil nub to keep it handy for repairs, emergencies and preventing blisters!