How we make it happen


Step 1. Find your trip.

All our tours are full of interesting places and amazing sceneries. On web site you will find detailed information about each of our itineraries: trip duration, level of difficulty, prices and available dates. You can also find many pictures attached to each tour. All these details will help you to choose the most convenient and picturesque trip.


Step 2. Book it.

After choosing your trip, you will need to book it. Each tour has a special reservation form. You have to fill it up but not later than 3 days before the trip starts. Within 24 hours you will get the confirmation of your booking. After that we’ll send you another tourist form which also has to be filled. In this form you'll give some personal information which is essential for your insurance policy.


Step 3. Get ready for your trip.

To prepare adequately for your trip, you need to try out your gear, clothes and get your body in shape. Also think ahead about tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk and back. Getting ready for the trip, please pay attention to useful information on web site such us Equipment list and rental, Safety rules, Menu, FAQ and etc. If you’ll have any questions about your tour, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with that. It’s a really good idea to let someone back home have a general idea of where you are going and how long you will be gone. Got ready? – Then say bye to your office and house, pack your backpack and go ahead!


Step 4. Meeting point.

In the morning you will have to be at the railway station of Ivano-Frankivsk the day our tour starts (exact meeting time you will get to know before). At the railway station group members and our guides meet each other, organize their group equipment and food, deal the financial part, and get on the transfer to the starting point of the trip.


Step 5. Before the trip starts.

Before we get into the wilderness, you’ll get familiar with your itinerary and some safety procedures on the trail. When travelling, always remember to adhere to safety rules and pay attention when your tour guide gives you some recommendations. Your Safety is our Goal!


Step 6. Enjoy your adventure!

Our tours provide you with an opportunity to explore Carpathian region, to see unforgettable scenery and to feel romantic getaway in wilderness. We eat an outdoor dinner together by the open fire under the stars and spend the night in tents right in the middle of the Carpathians. You will definitely like your outdoor vacations.


Step 7. After our trip finishes.

Our itinerary ends and the group get transfer back to Ivano-Frankivsk. Approximate time of arriving you will find in the trip description. At the railway station we all say Good bye and see you soon. After trip, if you want, you can write and send us travel review with your impressions and photos. We always greatly appreciate your comments and reviews.